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ref stera (ca)[cancia]

Note that there is in fact an Italiese word pinta for 'paint' (according to Danesi 1986b), which obviously is not known to the boy: he makes up anew version.Other items produced by this Italiese-strategy in loco are la stera ('stairs'), scarfo ('scarf'), giumpare ('to jump'; cf. mu lave=n buttun, mu puscie uno buttuni=e giumpl" punciare ('to punch'), greendi ('green', possibly influ-enced by Italian verde), icci itches'), lu presente ('the present'), lu sonni(' the son'), ruma ('room'), nidlo ('needle' = Injection'), placia ('plaza'), lu guardu ('the guard"), ira ('year') or la nette ('net', for playing volley-ball) The standard Italian definite article system with its phonologically condi-tioned variants and gender/number distinctions is reduced in many Southern Italian dialects to i for plural (both genders), (n)u for the masculine and (n)afor the feminine singular. Although these reduced dialectal systems are alsoobserved in many children, there is, in addition, a widely used simplified sys-tem, which has no such dialect basis.

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